Mindful Movement

A practice dedicated to the many facets of Yoga.

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Studio Schedule (ongoing):

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Private classes are offered on the following days/times:

Tuesday 5:15PM to 6:15PM  ~  Friday: 8:30AM to 9:30AM ~  Sunday: 3PM to 5PM
They are perfect for those new to yoga (or my practice), couples or friends, and small groups.
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10 group classes.
Expires 6 months after purchase. 

Cost: $125.00

Monthly Membership.
Unlimited Group Classes.


Classes begin the 1st of the month, and end on the last day of the month. 

Zoom Classes.  

Interested in joining us online?

Head over to our online store, and purchase a class or group of classes.  Once you complete your purchase, just click the link below before the class begins.  The online lobby for each class will begin 5-10 minutes before each class starts. 

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Mindful Movement is a practice dedicated to the beautiful teachings of Yoga. 

  We share space with Monroe Jiu Jitsu, and are located at 11 E. 2nd Street in Monroe, MI.

  During an hour class, we will explore the body physically, mentally, and spiritually, in hopes of stripping away some of the garbage that life throws at us.  So often, we go throughout our day ignoring our breath, what we put into our bodies, and what kind of activity our bodies receive.  Yoga teaches us to be mindful in all of the relationships in which we participate in.  This deeper understanding of the relationships we have with God, the universe, ourselves, food, our breath, physical activity, the ones we love, stress...helps us to live a healthy, happy life.  

  We offer classes for every body.  Therapeutic classes are perfect for those who are newer to the practice, or who would benefit from a slower, more grounding practice. In these classes, we work more on mindfulness, alignment, breathing, and the anatomy. Athletic classes are perfect for those who are already practicing yoga or another modality of movement (ex. daily walking, running, cross-fit, jiu jitsu, gymnastics). In these classes, we incorporate stronger asanas including inversions, deep backbends, and arm balances.  We also weave in vinyasas, mantra, pranayama, and philosophy.  Athletic classes are more physically challenging, and not recommended for those who suffer from an injury.  Our class descriptions can be found here.

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11 E. 2nd Street Monroe, MI 48161

Mindful Movement

11 E. 2nd Street 
Monroe, MI 48161
(734) 735-4472