Mindful Movement

A practice dedicated to the many facets of Yoga.

We are Kari Hughes and Shanan Bunzendahl, two friends in Michigan, who were inspired by the books Half The Sky and Global Girlfriend to take action and become part of the solution to the issues faced by women and girls around the developing world. We firmly believe that the solutions are rooted in commerce and sustainable earned income.

Buy The Change is a registered Benefit Corporation (B Corp) which means we are a for profit company with the goal of creating social change rather than a focus on maximizing profit. Our mission is to be a force of positive change for the talented, hardworking women around the world who produce our products and you, our customer, who has become a part of the solution through your buying choices. 

At Buy The Change our team works diligently to provide you with products that are unique and beautiful as well as socially responsible. We want you to be as excited as we are about the uniqueness of our products and the difference each one can make.

Our company  has grown to also include the Buy The Change Foundation, a registered 501©3 non-profit corporation that provides funding for female focused non-profits both in the US and internationally. 10% of sales from Buythechangeusa.org are donated to the Buy The Change Foundation. We are also helping create local income through our affiliate program which pays commission to people who help spread the Buy The Change mission and increase sales.

Buy The Change donates 10% of the sales of our woman made, fairly traded products to non-profit organizations, not 10% of profits, 10% of sales. This is significant because the amount we donate is not dependent on our expenses.  WE DONATE FIRST!

In March 2014, Buy The Change was named a "Best For The World" Honoree by B-Lab, the non-profit organization that certifies Benefit Corporations. We scored in the top 10% of over 900 BCorps in 31 countries for our score on social and environmental impact.

Visit them at: http://www.buythechangeusa.org

Malissa has been chosen to be an Inner Fire Luminary.  
Inner Fire is a clothing company with core values that include:
~Respect for the planet
~Nurturing of global community
~Helping one find their inner passion
~Promoting peace through positivity, laughter and mindfulness
They also have some adorable clothes that will make you smile. Their shirts are hand printed, and their pants are made from recycled water bottles. They create lifestyle clothing that fosters connection and helps you spark your passions. Their intention is to create designs that make people smile, laugh and feel inspired…. so others can feel the same too! Check them out atwww.myinnerfire.com. 
As a Luminary, I will discussing some of the different nuances of Yoga through social media. Stay tuned. 🙏 Hugs, MW. 

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